On a little Colombo backstreet, Plus Nine Four is hidden away in a former home-turned-office-turned-cafe. Because of their lovely open space design and shaded garden, it is my personal favourite place to hang out and enjoy a cup of coffee.
A mother-daughter team that had previously launched the well-known Cafe Kumbuk in Colombo opened the coffee business a few years prior.

About Cafe Plus Nine Four

plus nine four

Coffee Beans Used?

They use medium- and dark-roasted Soul Coffee, a locally grown coffee bean.

Who is their teacher?

Our guys and girls at the cafés have learned how to prepare coffee from pals at Soul Coffee. They have mastered it after a lot of practise.

Plus Nine Four Specialty?

Many coffee shops serve foreign coffee, but we have made the decision and commitment to always use local products in everything we do. Although the latte art on occasion may not be flawless, our coffees are made with a lot of care, and many customers enjoy the flavour on its own. As a wonderful Sri Lankan touch, we garnish each cup of coffee with a piece of kiri toffee.

Plus Nine Four Reviews

Leisurely lunch for 2. Charming ambiance and the seating layout maximises privacy.
We enjoyed the onion badum chicken lasagna and the hot butter mushrooms with lime aoili and batu moju jam. Great fusion of flavours .
For dessert, the key lime pie was yummy!

Lovely little hideaway with outside courtyard seating or sofa or tables indoors. The food I’ve tried (on several visits) is really good and I love their pandan crème brulé. The best cappuccino I’ve found in Colombo too!

I have been to this restaurant several times with my friends, we ordered different items, the food was well prepared, very tasty and super fresh. An interestingly composed menu, great service and a nice place, I recommend it!

The ambiance is lovely and the service was one of the friendliest we’ve experinced in Colombo! The coffee tart is a must try. Would definitely be back again.

The environment was calm and relaxing.. The nasi goreng was good but the spicy prawn linguine was not that spicy… But great service. Enjoyed

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